Sustainable Planet: The Restoration of Humanity and Nature

I was handed an interesting flyer with the following information regarding steps that can be taken in moving toward sustainability:

James Cameron who produced Avatar said recently on Charlie Rose PBS that we must get rid of our denial over climate change and deal with our precarious environmental challenges. We can make a graceful transition or a disaster recovery. We each have a responsibility to create new civil right paradigms. Ecological minded model steps WILL make the world a better place to live. The truth is China and India’s 2.5 billion compared to our 300 million consuming toxic products linearly like us we would need three earths. By China and India using oil for cars, we could see stress over oil with China. We need 10% to make a significant CHANGE. Change your heart. “Make That Change” not one big revolution, but a continuous stream of small changes in a consistent direction.

1. We add 100 million net humans a year causing more immigration, poverty which does not care about boundaries, crime, urban sprawl a machine for burning energy, over crowded schools, no backyards for children to play or open space for nature’s connections. We need better reproductive health services. Consider 1-2 kids only. Smaller families help the environment, society, economy, and shared prosperity. WE need to restructure our economic, cultural, and religious institutions.

2. Stop supporting urban sprawl which has destroyed inner cities and support green smart cities. Every year in the USA, we loose 1 million acres of prime farm land from urban sprawl plus increases taxes. We loose habitats for plant and animal species, farms, and our spiritual souls and identity. Live closer in town close to light rail, or high speed monorails. Such living provides more time for family, saves 1/10 energy and car maintenance (17%) – less oil needs.

3. Reverse WARS DUE TO OIL, POLLUTION (oil spills), and CLIMATE CHANGE. Buy an American made quick charge electric battery plug in hybrid using charge stations at home or businesses. Someday use hydrogen from water or algae creating power, or cars with nano-fuel cells or exciting cold fusion batteries. We can use geothermal, new solar, wind, or nuclear using waste materials.

4. Start an organic garden on porch, roof, front or back yard, and plant fruit trees around your home. Abolish using fertilizers and pesticides which pollute our waterways, causing cancer, fish diseases and dead zones in our oceans. Part of health insurance is to eat healthier food at home for our children and eliminate eating out fast food constantly which causes obesity, diabetes, heart problems and health costs. Influence your school to stop serving junk food, teach nutrition, stress relief and physical exercises. Create Green Schools. Read “In Defense Of Food” by Michael Pollan. Watch PBS TV. Schools: start organic gardens while teaching cooking and better eating habits. Rent the movie Food Inc.

5. Start recycling, reduce, and reuse products made from post-consumer recycled materials. Use string or cloth bags and refillable stainless steel water bottles when shopping versus oil-made plastic bags and water bottles etc. that litter our land and oceans. Avoid wasteful packaging.

6. Buy energy efficient LED lighting. LED lights reduce energy by another 90% over CFL’s.

7. Let’s reduce income taxes, replace with taxes on resource pollution and tax breaks if you do not.

8. Use low flow shower heads and faucets which saves on your utility costs, uses less water, and energy. Do larger loads of laundry and use clothes line versus a dryer whenever possible. Weatherize your home or business. Use cloth rags & cloth napkins. Cut down using drive through restaurants.

9. If you invest, think green stocks. Insist public paid elections.

10. Cut back on meat consumption. Too much meat is proven to help cause colon cancer, obesity and is destroying tens of thousands of square kilometers of rainforests and tremendous loss of habitats and species (that could be future medical cures) due to more cattle ranches and soybean farms for feel stocks. Now, China is the #1 buyer of such commodities. A 20% drop in meat consumption is equal to all drivers in America driving a hybrid car. Shop at health, green stores, or . Watch sustainability videos on .

11. Churches and the media: begin educating the public how to live environmentally and be better stewards of our creation. Read “For theCommon Good” by Herman Daly. Save at local banks or banks that gives loans to Green trades. Shop local, at locally owned businesses & buy products made in America.

12. Use non-toxic cleaning products and aromatherapy cosmetic and hygiene products which can help decrease cancer and asthma, which is increasing tremendously due to using to many chemicals.


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