Wattage Cost Calculator

Calculator (created with Excel 2003) based on average residential electric rates from a power provider in the metro Phoenix Area which has 4 different rates throughout the year. The winter rates are lowest and the summer rates are highest. The seasonal rates are averaged for annual cost.

Simply insert the wattage of a light bulb or any other fixture (heater, oven, dryer, etc.) and it will formulate the cost per hour, per day and per year. Very useful when trying to figure out where all the dollars are going and how to keep more dollars in your pocket!


Keep in mind that less wattage used (like 13 watt CFL’s, 8 watt LED’s or using the microwave or barbeque instead of the oven) also keeps the house cooler, and the air conditioner won’t need to work as hard to keep the house cool in the summer!

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