I’m a Superhero!

What does it take to be a Superhero?  Well first, you need the right gear such as a custom cape, some cool shades, fancy tights, and of course, the right shoes. The gear is the easy part. It’s that Superhero Power that proves more challenging. The great part is that the Power is within you! The Power is knowledge and having the courage to do something with it.

You can be a Superhero for future generations if you are up to the challenge of making a difference. This is the wake-up call to the Superhero within all of us.  This is a moment of realization that maybe there is something to this eco-stuff and Sustainability is the key to unlocking change.

Show me the money! Or… Show YOU the money! You have the power to reduce your utility costs (power, water, natural gas, etc.) and put money back in your pocket. With this newfound spending power, a balanced lifestyle for you and your family can be achieved. Can you imagine the money saved by cutting your utility costs in half?  This is being done right now and you can do it too.

What would happen if everyone in your community decided to cut their utility bills in half?  We did the math and for just the Metro Phoenix area, it means billions of dollars placed back into the local economy, which brings significant economic benefit to your community.

This reduced demand for energy also means fewer wasted tax dollars on polluting energy sources and also helps keep Arizona beautiful and healthy for you and your family. This simple choice allows our natural resources to be enjoyed and preserved for future generations to enjoy.

A group of people with a passion to inspire and enlighten people about the many benefits of a sustainable community decided to create an organization called Sustainable Communities AZ. SCAZ will organize events throughout the year to bring more public awareness leading up to an annual conference and expo to be held in the fall.

Sustainable Communities AZ is for people that would like a better understanding of what sustainability is, or would like to know how to put it to work for their benefit. But SCAZ is also for individuals who are already on a sustainable journey that want to learn more or participate.

SCAZ is a unique grass roots approach for entire community involvement in sustainability as opposed to a top down approach that says “we’re going green”. Our vision is to organize various Sustainable Communities groups throughout the state of Arizona as well as the throughout the U.S. To work with the general public, government, universities and professionals, in creating the vision of sustainable redevelopment and rethinking the urban fabric of Arizona and the Nation.

Our goal is to inform people that our communities are capable of making a real change and that they can apply these practices into their everyday “Superhero” lives for their own benefit, which will create economic growth with long term benefits for Arizona.

This fall is the targeted time of year for the Friday/Saturday Sustainable Communities AZ Conference & Expo. There will also be an independent “second annual” Green Golf Charity Tournament planned and managed by 4 Green Golf, which will be held on Saturday concurrent with the SCAZ Conference & Expo. There will be fundraisers held throughout the year as well as opportunities for sponsorships and donations.

There are currently eight Committee Members: Jan Green, United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC), Arizona Chapter, Residential Green Building Committee (RGBC); Kathy Fenner, USGBC-RGBC, CSBA; Sharon Merrill, USGBC-RGBC; Bill Clay, Bill Clay Design Studio LLC; Bob Wikes, Fore Green Golf; Byron Bargas, Green Technique; Jeff Frost, aka Green, SmithGroup; and Stanford Lake, Hogan Structure. Please join our LinkedIn group @ Sustainable Communities AZ and if you would like to join the committee, please contact Jan Green, Bill Clay or Byron Bargas via the LinkedIn group for additional information.

Sustainable Communities AZ Conference & Expo will be exciting and informative, and has the potential to grow to a national level. It is never too late to learn about sustainability and put that knowledge and power into action. You can be a Superhero for your community by saving money, creating jobs, and creating a more sustainable and healthier environment for you and your family.


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