Grow Money In Your Garden

Gardens are a great way to save money and growing your own vegetables can be a great experience. Besides being chemical-free, homegrown vegetables just taste better.

You can grow a wide variety of vegetables throughout the year in Arizona, such as tomatoes in the summer and romaine lettuce for fall/winter. Follow this web link on How To Plant Vegetables In Arizona for additional information on various crops that grow in Arizona.

EnergySoil is a 100% Natural Organic plant growing medium made from coconut husks and it has many good qualities. Homemade compost is an option to consider. Here’s a link on how to build a raised garden box.

Native Seeds comes to mind as a great source for seed varieties that have been proven to perform in the Arizona and the desert southwest climate. They have a large farm in southern Arizona where they grow seeds for distribution and preservation. While not certified organic, they minimize chemical use.

If you’re a carbon footprint watcher, growing a portion of your food or buying from a local grower greatly reduces the amount of energy tied up in the food you consume. Buying locally also improves your local economy.

Life’s a Garden comes to mind as an experienced company that can provide a full range of garden design and installation services. Growing your own vegetables with captured rain water and homemade compost and you’ve got a recipe for sustainability.

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