Bags of a Different Kind

We’ve all seen the reusable non-woven polypropylene or NWPP bags at the grocery stores. On the positive side, they can be reused and they’ve lowered the demand for paper from trees and throw-away plastic grocery bags. However, they are made of plastic, which eventually ends up in our landfills and pollutes our environment for a long time. Here is more information from eco-handbag on the subject of plastic pollution .

Reusable canvas grocery bags are made of natural, biodegradable, renewable cotton.

There are other types of bags made from other natural or recycled materials such as Jute, Leather, Recycled Plastic, Recycled Rubber, etc.

Cotton is a natural, biodegradable and rapidly renewable resource. In contrast, the major synthetic chemical fibers use petroleum as a base, which is non-renewable and, therefore, not sustainable.

The U.S. cotton industry actively supports the three long-term goals of sustainability: environment, economics and quality of life. Visit Cotton USA for more information.

There are a variety of reusable produce bags & bread bags available on the market today and some are made from plastic mesh and better yet, from cotton. The plastic mesh bags keep vegetables fresh longer. One of the companies that makes these bags is ECOBAGS. What other uses can you think of for reusable natural biodegradable bags?

There are also thin fabric designer shopping bags with handles that take up very little space when tucked away, but there when you need them at a moments notice.

What if stores across America started a “phase out grocery & shopping bags” program announcing that they will no longer be providing bags in a few month’s time, and everyone purchased reusable bags? Just think how many trees would be saved and the reduction of both oil demand and plastic in the environment!!! Currently, some stores give a discount to patrons that bring their own bags.

Update from San Jose Business Journal. American cities that have bans, some restrictions or charge fees for single-use carryout plastic bags include Palo Alto, San Francisco, Malibu, Edmonds, Wash., Washington D.C. and Westport, Conn. Nations that have bans, restrictions and/or fees include Ireland, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Israel and China.

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