Toothpaste, Brush and Rinse: Warning

I’ve seen the warning on the toothpaste tubes for years that warn about ingesting it. Beyond that, I wasn’t concerned. However, there are warnings that if more is swallowed than for a single use to contact poison control.

Poison? So after we all brush and rinse, down the drain it goes, and then… what happens to the poison, what is the poison, and what is it doing to our health and the environment?

After a little web research, I found that fluoride has been a big issue for many years and very bad for our health and for the environment. Here is a link to the Fluoride Action Network that lists many topics regarding the dangerous affects fluoride has on the human body and on the environment. Here are a few videos explaining the situation in detail:

You can also find a list of over 3,000 professionals that are calling for an end to fluoridation of drinking water.

Here is the link to the the statement:

There are toothpastes manufactured without fluoride available today. Research the ingredients to make sure they are safe and environmentally friendly. Research the manufacturers to see if they follow environmentally friendly practices. Here is a link to a list of fluoride-free toothpastes:

Please refer to to blog about containers and toothbrushes made from recycled yogurt cups!

There are not very many water filters available today that can remove fluoride. If you know of any, please post.

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