Sustainable Living AZ

Living in Arizona for 30 years, I’ve seen many changes along the way. As owner of an architectural firm, it has provided many contacts. Focus toward a more sustainable environment has become one of the most significant changes over the years.

Receiving information about sustainability, living a sustainable lifestyle, and sustainable products is at the forefront as a designer. I’ve also had the opportunity to serve on the planning committee of a successful sustainable business and community conference for two consecutive years. I’m currently serving on a planning committee for a community conference and expo, Sustainable Communities AZ, that will be held in the fall of 2011.

As I meet with people, the issue of sustainability always seems to enter the conversation. Everyone contributes to sustainability to some extent. I continue to meet people that do not understand the definition of green, or sustainable, how they can possibly make a difference, or why should they do anything about. However, after I’ve had the chance to briefly explain sustainability, they understand the concept and that each person does make a difference with the daily decisions they make.

Living a sustainable lifestyle not only saves you money, it has the side benefits of less pollution from power plants (to create electricity), a healthier environment for our communities, more money to spend, product demand, a better local economy and more jobs. Together, we have the power to make a positive difference in our communities.

I’m confident that this blog will provide its readers with valuable information, a good basis of understanding and direction in moving toward sustainability. I invite and encourage you to post comments, questions, events and other information you feel is important toward this common goal.

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