Reduce Energy Consumption

Efficiency – doing more with less energy, will be required as we move away from fossil fuel dependence and transition to clean and renewable energy. “It’s easier and less expensive to save energy than it is to make it, even with renewable energy” states Chris Prelitz, New Leaf America.

Here are some ideas that could help reduce energy consumption:

  1. Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFL’s or more efficient LED’s.
  2. Turn off lights when leaving the room.
  3. Replace toggle light switch with occupancy sensor switch with override switch.
  4. LED TV and computer monitors.
  5. Ceiling fans. More air movement feels cooler and you could raise the thermostat.
  6. Motion sensor lights instead of leaving security lights on all night.
  7. Replace older inefficient appliances, air conditioners, pool equipment with energy efficient ones.
  8. Keep the doors closed: refrigerators, freezers, building doors, etc.
  9. Skylights for natural lighting.
  10. Weatherization (see related posts).
  11. Use the microwave more when possible.
  12. Provide shade (see related post).
  13. Cool or white roof. Click here for Wiki definition.
  14. Cook outside – barbecue.

Post other ideas or links that could help reduce energy consumption.

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